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Looking to hire? Advice from a new boss:

While I try to stick to original content on my blog, sometimes I stumble on advice so good (and so fitting in my own business) that I have to re-post.

Meet Brigitte Lyons, a fellow marketing and communications expert. This blog post may be more aptly titled, “I love Brigitte.”

Here’s why:

I’m lucky enough to have met Brigitte last year at a Makeshift Panel about getting media coverage. We both do PR, marketing, strategy, communications, and teaching (and a few other things in between).

With both of us sitting on a panel together and having similar jobs, we probably could have been threatened or felt competitive. But what Brigitte and I know is that EVERYONE needs a good communications partner, and we can sit together in a crowd full of prospective clients and know the world is abundant. What’s more, the more support we give each other to advocate the benefits of hiring a communications partner, the better off we’ll both be. (Amen to supporting fellow biz ladies!)


I recently emailed Brigitte because I am exploring hiring someone for an intern-to-employee position (holler at me offline if you know a rockstar) and had pinged her for a little advice.

Brigitte is like an older sibling in business. Every time I seem to have a growing pain, she has already gone through it about six months before me! (That also may be because she’s a genius and her business is growing like gangbusters, but I digress.…)

When I asked her about hiring, she passed on this AWESOME Google Chat she hosted called “Behind The Decision to Hire My First Salaried Employee” with HR consultant Erica Cosminsky.

If your business is growing and you are debating bringing on a contractor vs. intern vs. employee, Brigitte opens up about her own process, and Erica weighs in on the legal implications and details.

Awesome work, ladies! Thanks for this UBER helpful Google Chat!