Get Funded

A kick-ass plan for running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Launching a campaign? Plan Better.

Get Funded breaks the mold of crowdfunding guides by giving a step-by-step plan for mastering your crowdfunding campaign.

“Nicole played an integral role in planning and managing our Kickstarter Campaign and really knows the ins-and-outs of campaign management from start to finish. If you want a plan for starting your own campaign and making it successful, this is it!”

- Milia Lando and Rosa Dixon. Raised $16,543 in 30 days on Kickstarter

The Book

The $10 book is a basic crowdfunding plan for what’s ahead (just the guide). Not only is it packed with great content, but it was also beautifully designed by my partner in crime, Tim Delger (aka the man who blew up the internet with his breakdown of the hipster logo). Not the digital type? You can order a printed version on by clicking here.

“Nicole has a way of taking something as daunting as a crowdfunding campaign and breaking it down into manageable steps.”

- Rena Croshere and Nadine Mundo, American Commune raised $54,163 in 45 days on Kickstarter

The Kit

Now, before you spend $10 on the book. For those who are serious about kicking ass in their crowdfunding campaign, you should consider the $40 kit. It is a full-force zip file full of additional tools. The kit will save you hours of content creation and planning. The documents in the kit will provide a head start on your campaign planning. Here is a list of everything inside the kit:

  • GET FUNDED guide as both a printable version and an iPad Version
  • Checklist for printing and knocking out each step of your campaign.
  • Ws Worksheet for getting clear on your campaign messaging
  • How-to for writing a basic press release and pitch email about the campaign
  • Links to additional articles and resources
  • How-to for writing a press release if you’re hosting an event
  • A real-life example of a press release
  • Script Example to help jumpstart your campaign video
  • Sample timeline mapped out against a 3-month planning period (both as a Word doc and Excel file for assigning team members to specific tasks)
  • Goal-calculator that can be used and modified this based on your needs
  • Tracker for when you research and make notes on other crowdfunding campaigns
  • Template for calculating campaign rewards/perks/incentives
  • Content Calendar Tracker
  • A template for tracking media outreach and pitching

I offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t think the plan is really, ridiculously helpful. In fact, I will not only refund your money if you don’t like it, I will also email you a personal apology for wasting your time. But you know what? You’re gonna love it.

Free Resources

Need a little more convincing? I also have a very helpful (and FREE!) worksheet called “The W’s of Crowdfunding” that you can get if you sign up for my mailing list. (Once you confirm your mailing list opt-in, you’ll get a link to the W’s PDF.) You can also see inside the book here.

Crowdfunding Consulting

Want 1:1 attention to ask questions and get feedback? I offer 1-hour crowdfunding consultations on the phone or over video chat.  I will go over any areas of the Get Funded book or kit, answer any questions that you might have, or review your campaign materials. Learn more here.

You got this!

Best of luck as you set out to conquer a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is an amazing option for those of you who are truly passionate about your business, your field, your art, or your nonprofit. With crowdfunding, the power to bring something amazing to life is in the hands of the people who it serves (and not an elite few deciding who is a winner and who isn’t). That, my friend, is a beautiful thing. You’re gonna be great.