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Are you Indie?

This week I am prepping for a video series to talk with independent business owners about brand strategy and business development.

Because I realized that’s my clientele. Oh yes, that’s you, gentle reader — the indie brand.


Whether you’re operating a business under your own name or you’re heading up a business that was inspired by a personal passion, you are your brand. And for indie brands the on/off switch of working/not working is often nonexistent. Indie brands face a unique challenge when promoting themselves or their services. Because everything they do is uniquely tied to who they are, they are a major ingredient to their products’ appeal.

And for indie brands, that can be a helluva challenge. “Run your day-to-day operations; deliver a kick-ass product; and be charming, authentic, and interesting all at the same time.” That’s why most people don’t want to work for themselves (and I don’t blame them!). But for those of us attracted to the indie career path, the thrill of being an independent brand makes us run headfirst into the challenge.

I don’t claim to have it all figured out just because I’ve gone into business for myself. In fact, I love the opportunity to consult with large companies. When I talk about my career path of going indie myself, I usually say, “I’m just wired for it.” And what’s more, I kind of can’t not do it. It’s just in me.

Of course, that doesn’t mean my wiring doesn’t need a lot fine-tuning. For every thrill of a win, there is the challenge that sometimes you feel like you’re going at it alone. If I look back through my blog posts over the past year, I can almost name the exact client situation that inspired my insights and advice to you. Thank goodness I haven’t had to blog yet about being fired…only time will tell.

So for those indie brands reading: Name it and claim it — and welcome to the club. I’d love to hear about your challenges, questions, and what kinds of advice you want to see around the topic of being an indie brand, so comment below.

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